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You are kindly invited to make us your residence during your stay in Ptuj.

The house is located in the oldest still documented part of Ptuj, in the street Dravska ulica - on the left bank of the river Drava, in immediate proximity to Restauran Ribič. The oldest documents from 1291 name this street “Leather Street”, “vicus cerdonum”. The houses along the street were at the same time leather workshops.

The house can be found in the town statute from 1513. Today, it is a cultural monument and has been completely renovated in 2009. Its outer appearance may be simple, but the interior reveals rich content.

All rooms and apartments are equipped witch their own bathroom, cable TV and TV set as well as wireless internet. The apartments all have their own kitchen. Our customers have a parking place and a rentabike service at their convenience.

Only a few minutes bicycle ride across the pedestrian bridge and then to the right along the river Drava separates you from the thermal park Terme Ptuj.

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Available Rooms

Imamo proste sobe!
Rooms are available!
Zimmer sind vervuegbar!

Lep pozdrav iz Ptuja!
Greetings from Ptuj!
Viele Gruesse aus Ptuj!

Houses of Tradition

A House of tradition is imbued with the past, which finds its expression in the architectural and architectonic features of the house, inner ambient and customs. All this is well complemented by pleasant environment. In houses of tradition, the host always finds time to chat with guests. And guest appreciate this.